IDAllelesLocationGenome BuildSource
rs41286801C/Tchr1: 9250990738dbsnp146
rs41286801C/T chr1: 92975464 37dbsnp146_grch37
1kg_1_92748052T/C chr1: 92509907 38ImmunoChip
1kg_1_92748052T/C chr1: 92975464 37ImmunoChip
1kg_1_92748052T/C chr1: 92748052 36ImmunoChip


Historical Ids

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rs41286801 meets the following criteria:

Criteria Name
Disease Tags
Marker is an index SNP in a Region 
Marker is GW-Significant in a Study 

Functional Information

Gene function properties for rs41286801 as derived from dbSNP:
  • in 3prime utr
Gene(s) at location of variation:  EVI5 


Studies containing regions of association that span this marker are shown below. Please note that when making comparisons across studies, that they may vary in terms of size, genotyping platform, and exclusion criteria. If the 'Odds Ratio' is less than 1 then the region is protective (alleles are marked as blue) otherwise it is susceptible (alleles marked as red).



Populations data from Ensembl 1000 Genome data release May 2013:

Linkage Disequilibrium Statistics

LD Search Options

Linkage disequilibrium (LD) statistics are calculated for rs41286801, using the 1000 genomes data release May 2013. Calculations are performed with the snpStats R library, covering 1Mb either side of the marker; and with the following filters applied: MAF > 0.01, call rate < 0.9, and chi-squared test for deviation from HWE > 25.